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Ethereum Node Tracker shows statistics of all the nodes running on the Ethereum network. The statistics includes top 10 countries with the highest number of nodes, daily total nodes and nodes types by clients and OS.

Top 10 Countries

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Total 6,692 nodes found

# Countries Last 24 Hours Last 7 Days
1United States United States2,511(36.87%) 2.49%6.58%
2Germany Germany1,557(22.86%) 2.64%4.11%
3France France380(5.58%) 2.70%5.33%
4Singapore Singapore325(4.77%) 1.88%11.88%
5Japan Japan209(3.07%) 1.42%4.12%
6Netherlands Netherlands202(2.97%) 4.72%5.71%
7United Kingdom United Kingdom184(2.70%) 1.66%7.86%
8South Korea South Korea183(2.69%) 3.98%8.34%
9Canada Canada174(2.56%) 4.19%6.81%
10Ireland Ireland114(1.67%) 7.32%5.51%

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